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Did soap api disappear?


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I am using 57.0 of the pbx and am trying to use the Soap API to get access to the database. However, I do not see the document {domain}/soap.xml. I am wondering if this functionality was removed and everything has to go through the 2.0 api or if we can still have access to the old soap api as found here: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Access_to_the_Database




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We did not remove the API; however for new designs we recommend to go for the JSON-based REST API. We are working on a API web page where all the available calls are available. In the meantime, you can use your browser in "inspect" mode to see what is going back and forth between the browser and the PBX, and that will be the same with you application then.

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Thanks, what I am trying to do is get active calls through an api instead of websockets as cookie authentication messes things up between the pbx website and my application's website. Do you know if there is a rest api for this instead of websockets? The vodia interface uses web sockets. I have looked into the 2.0 rest documentation but they only have a web socket example.

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