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Web interface and extension licenses

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I have noticed that when I am logged into the web interface from my mobile phone using the Vodia phone app on my android phone I have an additional registration for my extension. I have a desk phone at my office and the app on my mobile phone so there are 2 registrations, one for my Snom D725 and one for my mobile phone that says "Vodia WebRTC 1.0".


Does this additional registration count against the total number of extension licenses that are purchased for the PBX?


Let's say I have 10 extension licenses and I have 10 desk phones so all 10 licenses are in use. If I log into the web interface from my mobile phone that would seem to be an eleventh registration. Would I be denied access to the web interface? What happens if I try to exceed the number of licenses I have purchased?


Would I need to purchase additional licenses if I wanted to allow the 10 people with desk phones to all log into the web interface and have there desk phone still working? I guess I am asking if I would be required to double the number of extension licenses if I wanted to use desk phones and make calls from my mobile phone using WebRTC?

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Very good question.


So, as long as you "Create" 10 extensions, the PBX won't have an issue with as many "Registrations" you have per extension.

So WebRTC and Deskphone have just one extension (lets says number 100), So that is still considered as 1 Regs.

As long as you dont "Create" more than 10 Ext., you are all set.

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