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Phone buttons do not sync on D745 after restart

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I'm having a tough time with getting the Snom D745 to work correctly with the latest Vodia 57, and the firmware is


I have 3 agent groups. In this case 315, 254, 255.


Create a custom button list for user 207, the phone is provisioned via based provisioning MAC.


Upon reboot of the phone the buttons do not get synced.

The buttons do not work. Nothing lights up for BLFs nor Agent Groups. After I go back to the extension button list and click on "Save as Custom" the buttons refresh and start working again for a while.

The big problem is that it sometimes loses the buttons even without the reboot. I have tried a lot of different firmware and I'm getting the same issue.

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Try to add this line as it is to the XML file snom_745_phone.xml before the line </phone-settings> and save it:-

<user_proxy_require idx="1" perm="RW">buttons</user_proxy_require>

And then reboot the phone (while it is still being AUTO-PROVISIONED).

We have added this change in our latest and upcoming version which wont require the above changes to be done manually anymore. The latest build shall be available for all OS shortly.

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There was a problem with snom button in the versions made in the past few weeks. It has been fixed, if you can, try to upgrade to 57.4 or higher where the problem is fixed.

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