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Phone auto-answers click-2-dial calls


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We are using click-2-dial links with embeded passwords like this:



I.e. exactly like in the example at https://vodia.com/doc/click2dial but with connect=true added to avoid the message for "please press 1" each time.


The problem is that very often the SIP phone automatically answers the phone instead of just ringing and waiting for the user to pick it up (of course this only happens for calls that are initiated by click-2-dial links in all other incoming calls the phone behaves normally).

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I tried this link and tried to call both SIP phone and a Cell phone. And let it ring for a long time before picking it up. Seems to work fine for me.

Which PBX version are you on? Are all SIP phones being picked up automatically or just some specific models?

Did you try replacing 'http' with 'https' in this link.

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