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Running out of sockets???


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Hello all,


we are running hosted PBX on CentOS currently with about 75 domains and 360 extensions on it. For 90% of our phones we use SNOM phones which we auto provision. All these phones are registering via TLS except the few fax ATA's and some wireless Incom phones. The problem we run in to is that after server is running for a while ( 3 months or less ) auto provisioning runs in to problems. The problem is that there are no sockets available for the phone to register, sometimes the phone eventually gets registered but it takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. The only thing that seems to work to fix the problem is to reboot the server. Is there a way to increase the number of sockets available for registration in order to avoid rebooting the server every few months? Thanks,



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On a slow morning netstat shows about 220 tls sockets and I am including text file of active unix domain sockets, which I don't know how to interpret.


Also, trying to find where on the settings for the number of sockets, is that under Settings--->Network---->Ports? If it is I see the following:


LDAP Port (TCP, StartTLS): 389

LDAP Port (TLS): 2346




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