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Playing around with the 58.0 Vodia. I cannot upload any SVG files. I used Adobe Illustrator to save a picture in the SVG format. Save it fine, the checkmark on the web interface also shows the checkmark, but when i refresh, the image is back to the Vodia logo. Is there a specific SVG format the file needs to be saved?


Edit: Pressing CTRL + F5 to clear the cache works. But the logos seem to small. The file was converted from JPG to SVG. Any other way, to maintain the size ratio? Don't know much about the SVG format...

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If the preview in the web interface looks good, then the SVG should be good. Otherwise make sure that you don't use compressed SVG (.svgz) files.


You might have to clear your cache or try from another browser to see if the SVG really made it. The browser cache can be quite a problem, we had to find this out during our own testing (OK I see you figured this out yourself).


SVG might seem on the bleeding edge of what is happening in corporate world, but we are convinced that this will be mainstream very soon. Logos look so much better with SVG instead of blurred PNG or even JPG!

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