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Softphone Bria 5 and Webrtc

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I just bought and installed BRIA 5 from Counterpath, and I would like to know how it is possible to associate the presence status of BRIA 5 with the status of VODIA PBX. 

In the settings of the SIP account in the BRIA softphone, I have set the Presence tab to 
mode: Presence agent (I also tried with peer to peer) 
Interval: 30 S (I tried more and less) 
Interval of news: 1800 S 

When I change the status in BRIA, busy for example, on a post that uses webrtc, so in web mode, I am not seen in busy. In addition there is no IM icon to allow Chat. 

Is it really possible: between BRIA and Web mode? 

I bought and installed BRIA, because I was told it was doable. 

Thank you for your help and feedback.


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Les paramètres que Bria a sur ses extrémités ne peuvent pas être associés au PBX en tant que tel. PBX est un outil qui permet aux utilisateurs de visualiser, modifier et supprimer des fichiers. Les réglages sur le softphone sont indépendants de quoi ils sont associés. Et le service de messagerie instantanée que vous pouvez trouver sur le portail de l'utilisateur ainsi que sur le portail utilisateur

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