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Avoiding cell phone Voicemail when cell is in a hunt group


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I have a client who would like to add their cell phones (mobiles) into a Vodia PBX hunt group.

They would like the cell phones to ring and if no one answers after 20 seconds, the hunt group would transfer the call to a company voicemail box.

Problem is they all have voicemail on their cell phones too and if a cell phone is switched off, the call goes direct to that cell voicemail.

When that happens, the PBX considers the call as being answered and therefore stops the hunt group ringing and the call never fails over to the company voicemail.

I have dealt with this problem before with other IP PBX systems,. They solved the problem by introducing an option you could enable of the hunt group, where the cell phone user would have to answer the call and press "1" to confirm they want to take the call. This worked very well and meant calls never got trapped in a cell phone voicemail.

What is Vodia's approach to this problem?



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