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59.1 Web Interface Problems


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  • when I save the usr_portal.htm template without any changes, the site is not reachable (customising impossible!!!) ...
<h1>File usr_portal.htm not found.</h1>
<p>Please ask your system administrator to check the log file.</p>
  • the address book only searches in the first 1000 entrys
  • I can't dial from the home screen with my deskphone ... only webrtc (no ask for the phone - Do you want to make the call? )
  • acd live calls shows only the first live call in a queue ...
  • acd shows no logged in agents (after the first call of the day is happend, the pie charts are visable ... but we need a list of current logged in agents)
  • acd shows no missed calls



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59.1? Do you mean that?

I like the new interface, bootstrap, xhr, websocket, responsive design and all the things.
But I have to customise it for our desktop agents.

They need one view with queued, running and missed agent group calls and they want to know who is logged in.

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