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Best way to migrate domain to different server


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I have to move a domain from an existing server to a new server. All Snom phones. I know I can backup the domain and then restore it on the new server. My question is how does restoring a domain on a new server effect the the Remote Provisioning Service? When the domain is restored does the PBX update the RPS like it does when a Snom phone is added on the provisioning page? Or do I have to delete the MAC addresses from the old server and then put them back in on the new server? I was wondering if there was some sort of best practice? 

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If you are using "resolvable domain names" as your PBX and if you are keeping the same domain name on the newer server and if you are not using IP addresses anywhere for e.g in the outbound proxy of your provisioning settings (on the domain settings page) then you will have to reset all the phones and provision them again. So as long as you have used domain names everywhere you should be fine.

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