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RTCP XR VOIP Monitoring


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the implementation of RTCP XR is not quite clear to us, most IP phones have implemented the standard and Vodia also seems to have an implementation.

https://vodia.com/doc/rtcp_xr via PNP the IP Phones the vodia  switch RTCP XR on to send this parameter. 

Since we do not know any provider at the moment support the RTCP XR so the vodia can work as remote point like this IP Phone <-  RTCP XR -> Vodia  and the phone then sends after the call data to the collector, ok this is only half way but very helpful for hosted solutions.

For our monitoring of the IP telephones from yealink, cisco and snom we need a strong monitoring of the connections / calls.

This solution we had found http://www.telchemy.com/sqmediator.php  looks good for us can we use this solution with vodia.


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Sometimes good things take years to become mainstream. IMHO RTCP-XR makes a lot of sense for service providers as this provides useful information about the call quality, in both directions. The information can be used in several ways:

  • Service provider reporting how good the trunk leg was (IMHO that is the most important, bu (almost?) no provider does that)
  • PBX reporting on how good the trunk leg was (today almost impossible because almost no trunk provider supports RTCP-XR)
  • PBX reporting quality of extension leg. That is done routinely and reflected in the MOS score for every call. 
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