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yealink dect /conference

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the DECT IP Phone W60P and DECT phone W56P also for the conference phone  CP960 and CP920. are supported by vodia, see only the firmware for the W52P under phone / parameter.


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The Yealink conference phone and DECT phones work with version 58.0. I am installing both on a job right now.

The conference phone has a different new MAC OUI of 80:5E:C0 where as the phones have OUI 00:15:65. Because of the new OUI for the conference phone the Vodia server will not auto update the  Yalink redirection server so you will need to manually add the MAC of the conference phone to the Yealink redirection server until Vodia release an update that fixed this issue.  You would also have to manually upgrade the firmware on the conference phone until Vodia releases an update to fix this issue. 

It would be great if we could just add new phone models ourselves. Perhaps as a feature enhancement this can be added. It seems a little silly that I have to upgrade my server just to add a new model of phone. 

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