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MWI Missing from Button Template + Cell Phone Call Supervisor

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I was just reviewing the button list under version 60.2 and i see it's lacking the MWI (Message Waiting Indicator). Has this been shifted into a different functionality or system menu?


According to: https://vodia.com/documentation/buttons the MWI should be present but i just do not see it.


Also i noticed under Mailbox -> Call Cellphone/ Call Supervisor, the number of attempts have a drop down, but once you save and refresh the page the attempts go to 1 attempt. Is this just a visual bug or does it still update to the correct amount of calls?


Same as above testing on Version 60.2 / Windows.

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MWI was added back and will be in the next builds (60.3+). This build will then also fix the Mailbox retry setting (thanks for reporting).

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