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Override of auto service flag - 73C92A - A9A5C2

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Our PBX provider has advised there is a bug in the Vodia software, which prevents a user from using a function key assigned to an Automatic Service Flag, to manually set / clear the flag.

We use a service flag for day / night mode. We have it set to automatic (9am to 5pm Weekdays = CLEAR / 5pm to 9am & Saturday, Sunday = SET)

We have this Service Flag assigned to a function key on the SNOM handsets using the buttons profile.

Occasionally when staff work back or get into work early, or are on a lunch break / meeting, they will want to override the service flag. They should be able to do this by simply pressing the function key of that service flag to toggle it from CLEAR <-> SET

However when they do this, instead of the service flag toggling, they get an erroneous voice message saying "Press 1 press 2 press 4".

Our PBX provider has told us that this isn't their problem, and that its an issue with the Vodia software.

Can you please;


1> Confirm if this is a known bug

2> Advise when it will be rectified

3> Advise if there is a feasible work around to this issue


Thank you.




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This is simply because the audio files are missing. We are aware about it and are working on getting those files shipped with the next release.

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Thank you, as I have several (approx 25) client's being effected by this, are you able to advise when the next release will be available so I can set their expectations.

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Ok, thank you.

Would also be nice if the software still completed the intended function, even if the audio files are missing. In this case the feature is broken over missing audio files which is annoying.

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