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Snom 745 Line Button / Default Private Line


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I noticed one small little issue with the Snom 745 and the provisioned private line.


Unprovisioned the private line of the 745 simply says Line [Free] and will display caller information when calls are received. However once the button is provisioned it picks up the automatically filled extension details, thereafter blocking any future caller information on any of the buttons if programmed for private lines.


Is there a way to reverse this functionality or to stop it?





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Hmm... There is a "snom power mode" available where the parameter for the button gets copied 1:1 into the XML as is. You can always use that as a fallback method without having to change the template. 

The question is if the default that we are using right now is good. For a private line we currently provision <fkey idx="xxx" context="yyy" label="lll" perm="RW">line</fkey>. Would it make sense to change that?

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Does version 60+ have a modifiable button configuration? I noticed the xml's for the phone specific buttons have been migrated to the new button scheme (much friendlier).


There is just another xml for snom_buttons and inside is just:




I think if we would be able to modify the way the label feature works it might solve the issue for 745's.


To be honest this kind of issue would probably only show up on a 745 or similar phone that has buttons on the screen.


Would you be able to elaborate on the snom power mode for the button parameters? i haven't heard of this before and would like to read up on it.

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If you work with buttons I would try to get to 61.1 where all modes are available and the latest will also automatically upgrade your pre-61 button profiles to the 61+ button profile. 

Is this really specific for the 745? IMHO it would make sense to do this for all snom models, at least those that have a display for the buttons. The documentation for snom PnP on the doc.vodia.com portal is slightly outdated, so in a nutshell when you select the snom mode you can put just anything into the parameter that will be copied into the XML file. If you want to try out, just put something there like "hello there" and look at the file that will be sent to the phone, then you will see how this works. 

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So far the 745 is the only one i noticed that the label actively messes with the button feature.


I posted a picture just to better explain it.


I'll explain the process. Provision 745 on extension. No button profile means no labels created for first time provision. Move to create button profile and put 2 private lines. Press save and all buttons except private lines show up.


For testing purposes i went into the web interface and set 2 more private lines but with no label. At this point the picture will help.

Basically what's happening is the private lines with label no longer show basic information such as dialed call or a parked call. In the picture i dialed a test extension, but doing the same with the provisioned private  lines shows nothing but the label.


This is why i don't think it's sch a problem for other phones because this functionality i've only noticed on the 745 and not any other phone.


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Some snom firmware versions treated space as empty string " "; so possibility #1 would be to set the label to that or maybe a TAB character. The other possibility #2 is to set the "Label template for private lines" (in reg_pnp_settings.htm) to "", although this would affect all phones - at least it should 100 % validate the point about provisioning an empty label.


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Doesn't seem like that label template affects the 745. I've tried making it empty or even putting other unrelated information in there to see if it would affect it. Always seems to come up the same, it's account + name in the label.


Is there another configuration where the 745 would be picking up the private line label? Giving the label an empty character/space simply forces that label to be empty.

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