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Problem of PSWD visibility


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with reference to the SIP pswd of the extension and the web access to the phone I can not understand how to read them.
Let me explain, in case of provigioning for example of a Snom/Grandstream phone or other, the phone is registered to the Vodia Server.
If, for any reason, I have to enter via web from the phone or manually register the phone, how can I go back to the credentials of the extension, considering that they are not visible?

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Every phone has a different place to enter the SIP password for an account. Generally I would recommend to use the automatic provisioning for VoIP phones. There are many other settings that should be set, it is very difficult to do that manually. And the PBX is automatically assigning a password to the VoIP phone which is different from the SIP password (every extension has many passwords).

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OK but you need to intervene manually via the web, enter the phone and make the appropriate customizations, as I am for the templates are not complete, if it is not possible after provisioning to make changes via the web in the phone everything becomes impractical.
So I need to understand if it is possible to somehow enter via the web in the phone or it is impossible.
I am testing the server, I am an installer and the solution of an inaccessible phone I do not think it is acceptable for any installer and no situation.
So my question is the same, how do I access a phone via the web after provisioning?

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