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display button provisioning on snom D3xx does not work


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while testing with the snom D385 we noticed that the four display buttons were not configured properly. Within the PBX it's possible to define the "Function Keys" at "Phones -> Parameter -> snom" with individual key events but they are (at least) are not part of the provisioning of the D385.

To fix this I've included the following to my snom_buttons.xml template:

{if model == "385"}
  <gui_fkey1 perm="RW">{parameter snom-700-f1}</gui_fkey1>
  <gui_fkey2 perm="RW">{parameter snom-700-f2}</gui_fkey2>
  <gui_fkey3 perm="RW">{parameter snom-700-f3}</gui_fkey3>
  <gui_fkey4 perm="RW">{parameter snom-700-f4}</gui_fkey4>

Could you please fix this so that we don't have to change the template files manually?

btw. if you accidentally add a trailing space to the key function like "keyevent F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH " the display button stays empty. Maybe it would be a good advice to automatically remove trailing (and leading) white spaces from the function key value.

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Well the problem exists for practically all snom models... A batter solution might be to use the snom-general parameter instead of editing the template and just use that general parameter to set the buttons.

Whow the snom phones don't allow spaces after the key name? We'll add something that will strip the spaces from regular parameters. This is something very hard to find!

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