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TLS: Alert Fatal -> Certificate unknown


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It is just saying Fatal because it's a security concern which the PBX should raise. If you turn on the Let's Encrypt certificate setting (on /reg_settings.htm page) under "ACME Directory URL" and set it to "Let's Encrypt" , your domains will get the valid certificates and it should not show anymore.

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Thank you for your support,
I actually without touching anything is already set as by the screen that I enclose,
Do I have to do anything else?

I just happen to have to do something about it: -> /reg_certificate.htm  ?
keep in mind that Vodia is not on public ip but on local ip



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I realize that this is a bit old. i have always used purchased certs, but this is a much better solution. However, i have read everything above and i am not sure what to do as there are no longer any selections to make as Lets Encrypt is default. I dont see any certifcates in place and i am not sure how to make that happen now, as https now gives the warning, as i have removed the purchased cert.

What are we supposed to do to enable lets encrypt as i have read everything but there seems that there is nothing to actually do to make this happen in v. 64.



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