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question on association number on the agenda


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I have entered in my diary (example entries) 
damiano -> 3472283986
and it's working properly.
However, if I use in the dial plan a "pref" example 93 (which first two digits are deleted correctly) but in the call log and in the display of the phones it shows 933472283986 instead of "damiano".
I have already activated the option "Use last 7 digits for matching cell phone numbers"
but it does not work, is there a solution?




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So let us first understand this,

1) You have the number entered in the Address book on the PBX as your name correct?

2) You dial FROM the PBX's extension, your cell phone number? And you're saying your extensions doesn't show your name on it's display?

The "Use last 7 digits for matching cell phone numbers" setting is for inbound call, and not outbound call TO your cell phone. Hence, it wouldn't work.

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you're right, I'm trying to explain myself better,

1) the number is correct (and you can understand from the screen otherwise you would not see "damiano")

2) as you can see from the screen I call from the extension 201 towards 3472283986 and it is Damiano.
If instead from extension 201 I call 93-3472283986 Damiano does not appear.

Since it is activated and should associate based on the last 7 digits, it seems strange to me that it does not associate precisely 3472283986 to "damiano".

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Ok, now it's better understandable. Follow up question (Please answer all questions with details):

1) Can you send us a screenshot of your dial plan how it looks which are being used when both of these calls are made? And we assume the name of the trunk is the same as seen in the screenshot right?

2) What exactly are you dialing when you dial each of these numbers? Write both the numbers down here, what you dial on your extension.

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1) Dial plan screen attached, has the same name (unique dial plan)
2) damiano is associated in the diary (second screen attachment) to the number 3472283986
in the first case I compose 3472283986 (and damiano appears normally) and in the second case I compose 933472283986 and damiano does not appear.

I've probably created some not perfect Prefects (but that's not the subject of now) but I'm doing some tests with Vodia to know him better

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That is exactly the problem (non-perfect preferences) we think.

In your dial plan, the pref 3 entry is above pref 5 and of course it will take precedence then (because it's pref 3 first). And when you dial 93xxxx the pref 3 kicks in (and the call goes out as a whole because here, your replacement is "*" meaning, "Accept all") and not the 5th one (which should be) and hence system is not able to strip it off before trying to identify. 

Make pref 5 as pref 3 or something and then try again.

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