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Setting dial plan when country code is automatically used


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We have found that in version 63.1 the country code is automatically set for each country. However, this appears to be at odds with the dial plan. if we dial a standard 8 or 10 digit call in Australia we get 61 61 03 82128680, so the 61 is doubled up and no call is made. How do we disable this and use the dial plan and SIP trunk country and area code details correctly with the new version? we saw the same with 852 for Hong Kong and others.

we have found removing the country code in the settings page for the domain sometime allows it operate correctly and sometimes it still adds the additional country code?

can you please advise best practice for using the domain country code and other details that need to be adjusted or set up to operate correctly?

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The PBX feeds numbers into the dial plan in the way people in that country would read the numbers. In Australia that would mean that domestic numbers would start with 0 and international numbers would start with 00. If there is an area code and the number would be in the area, numbers would start without the "0" in the beginning.

So if you want to match international numbers you would use a pattern "00*" and then in the replacement also "00*" so that the matched number would occur behind the "00" prefix.

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