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Have Extension that is Hot Desked into phone show up on phone display


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I am sorry, I am not sure I know what you are asking.

I set the line to use extension 9998.  And It shows "General Extension 1" on the phone.  It is set that way so that it can be used without someone logging on the phone as this phone (and several others) will be in an area where workers will come from other offices and hot desk in to make calls as their extension.  However, when a visiting worker is not there, the phone needs to be able to dial out as a general number.

As per the video in this thread, I had thought that when someone hot desks in, the extension would change from "General Extension 1" to "User A" or whatever their name is.

I auto provisioned the phone, and when the phone got it's information, it populated the "Account Name" to "General Extension 1".








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No those screens are not the point - the PBX provisions the "Programmable Keys".

I have just checked here a GXP 1628 where the display comes from the "Account Name", which does not change with the hot desking. Looks like it would be worth changing that as well with the hot desking, there should be no negative side effect with other devices.

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1 minute ago, Vodia PBX said:

Looks like it would be worth changing that as well with the hot desking, there should be no negative side effect with other devices.

OK, but isn't that what is shown in the video that was done on July 9th?  That the name changes as hot desking information is used?  So what am I not getting or is it something that is not working properly and needs to be programmed?

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OK.  So we now have the label change on the Grandstream phones when the line is hot desked. 

What we see, though is that after the hot desk option is entered, the phone reboots and when it comes up, it has the name of the user who is hot desking to the phone. (This takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds)

After the phone's hot desk is removed, the Grandstream GXP2140 reboots (about 40 seconds after removing the hot desk user).  On reboot, the name on the label is the name of the person who hot desked to it last.  Then, after about 15 seconds, the name returns to the name originally set up.  (in this case, "General Extension 1") (total time is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds)

Thank you, for the hot desk change.  Any idea why the GXP 2140 has to reboot after the hot desk extension change?

Thank you.

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updated with notes on both hotdesk and removing hotdesk
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Every VoIP phone has to make a decision weather a configuration change requires a reboot. Most of them "whitelist" some settings that don't require it, and for everything else (keep in mind the are millions of settings LoL) it will be careful and perform a reboot cycle. I guess the name is not on that whitelist.

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On 7/9/2019 at 11:05 AM, Vodia PBX said:

You can see it here - 


Does/will this apply to Snom phones (ie D717)? 

What about the Grandstream GRP series (ie GRP2612P)

I'm not seeing this work on either of the above example models using 68.0.26. 

Also, I expected the programmable keys / button profile to follow the extension being hot desked. Is that something being considered, or too hard to accomplish? 

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On 4/10/2023 at 4:38 AM, Vodia PBX said:

It should make no difference what phone model is being used as long as the check-sync works with that phone model. At least a complete reprovisioning after a reboot should update the label.

Since it isn't working, how do I get support? Reboot doesn't seem to do it. 

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