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Forcing SIP and Web Interface password resets?


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Is there a way to choose a couple of extensions at a time and force a SIP and Web password reset?  I need to have the information emailed out to the end users on extensions and I don't see a way to force a group password reset for multiple accounts.  Actually, the only way I see to reset either the SIP or Web password is to go into each extension and reset it manually.

Is there a way to generate those after the extension is already created?

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I guess "make selected accounts secure" is what you want? Sending out emails with the password will be history soon as this is becoming a no-go for security. The passwords for the devices (associated with the MAC address) are not affected by this.

What you always do is use the CSV import to bulk-import values, including new passwords. You can follow the rules at https://doc.vodia.com/csv for this.

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