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I normally enter the customizations for Yealink Templates Phones in the "Yealink General" window, and all phones regularly take these custom parameters.
I have upgraded my Yealink phones to version and now it doesn't work anymore (even if I enter the customizations in Yealink General, these parameters don't get them from the Yealink phone).
Now to customize the Yealink template I have to edit the file "yealink_common.txt".
Is this a known error?
Is there a solution?


I also found a bug (I think),
basic Vodia sets the listening code of the voicemail = voice_mail.number.1 = {account}
Then pressing the voicemail key from extension 215, for example, will dial 215, so it's an error.
To fix it I tried to insert:
voice_mail.number.1 = *97
The problem is that the * character doesn't take him in charge,
in fact if for example imposed (only for test):
voice_mail.number.1 = 333
At this point, by pressing the voicemail key, the telephone sends 333.
This shows that it is currently impossible to set *97 for voicemail listening.


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Hmm did Yealink change the behavior that the first occurrence of a setting is the one that will be used? If that is the case we will have to move the yealink-general to the bottom of the template. Or we just put it to the top and the bottom. Please make sure that you did not introduce a XML syntax error - then the whole file will not be accepted by the phone.

The voicemail depends on a system setting. The "Calling own extension number goes to mailbox" (in dom_mailbox.htm) controls that. By default this should be on - if you turned it off yes then it will cause that problem. I believe in the next version we should use *97 instead - we will change the template to make sure that this is not causing the problem again.



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as for modifying to *97 seems to me to be the most appropriate solution.

about the behavior of the template for Yealink should check it, maybe I'm wrong.
With 2 previous versions of Yealink it worked for me, with last fw it doesn't work.
Please copy me a couple of examples that you enter in "Yealink General"? I make a comparison with my template.


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