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Failover configuration setup


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Hi !

Im in the need to create and pair a second PBX server setup to act as the failover vodia have in the docs.

But im not sure how to achieve this up.

Current settings are:

1 windows server with vodia setup

1 public/static IP address

1 SSL pointing to the only current IP, for WEBRTC calls.

2 Domains inside vodia


I would like to install and setup both servers to achive the redundancy or failover thake over, or switching.

Can you help and tip in howto step by step, since im currently runing this on a public/internet environment for hosting?

How would you suggest i do this? specially when calling the hostname i have from the extensions to find the current server.  Do i need to get like a dynamic ddns like (DynDns) ? etc?

I will really appreciate if you can guide me/us on this, so we can go ahead ASAP and set this up?


Thank You in advanced !

PS: I couldnt find a post i mention this failover help in the past, but looked over and didnt find it.., i was planing to continue this ticket over that post.


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The easiest way to have a solid failover is to virtualize the PBX host. Then the hypervisor takes care about heart beat, periodic backup, going the IP address and what else is needed. With this it is possible to keep calls up in the case of a failover. Because the Vodia VM is relatively small, this can happen with less than 1000 ms. And there is no need to do anything with DNS.

This works well if the failover is within the same datacenter. If you want to failover geographically between datacenter, then the PBX failover can be useful. The main point here is to make sure that you have a file system that is synchronized with the (private or public) cloud, so that you can start another instance when you have to.

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Thank You for the information.

Current main server is in a datacenter in miami the second one im planing to activated in Atlanta or so, but it is the same company (cloud) that manage the different (cloud) points geographically.  There will be 2 (two) different Public IPs, the one now, and the next to be activated. 

This means that i will need to point the hostname that points to the current public server IP to?

How does the external extensions and external PBXs will know, where hostname or public IP is going to register to?

That why i mentioned a dynamic DNS before..

Im not that Knowledgest in this..  But i will like to setup this ASAP :)

Thank You!

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Ok the is the "complicated" case... There is some information on https://doc.vodia.com/failover on how the PBX can help you with the failover in that case. You could as well script this yourself, depending on how much time you can invest in understanding the hosting infrastructure. Especially the large hosting companies have powerful tools for handling such cases (including changing DNS records and notifying staff, creating newortual instances) that are better than what we have put into the PBX.

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