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Any way to restore Domain Default dial plan ?


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By mistake, the 'Domain Default' dial plan was deleted. It remains however referenced to e.g. when creating a new extension. Creating a new dial plan bearing this same name does not resolve the issue as when creating a new extension, the (deleted/inexistent) 'Domain Default' remains the one assigned by default and the newly created one w/ identical name is listed as another selectable option !

Deleting the telephony domain and recreating a new one does not correct the situation: no 'Domain Default' dial plan, but it still remains referenced when creating an extension.

Is there any way to restore this 'Domain Default' ? It would even be better if an option existed to change/set any existing dial plan to assign by default to future new extensions.

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If you delete a dial plan it unfortunately, won't be restored at any point. 

This is just the default name that we have, so you will have to change the name of your new one.

The domain default is always going to be assigned by default if there are no other dial plans created.

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