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API PHP delete address book


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I am looking to delete entries from the address book via the PHP API.
There must be an error in the example given on "https://doc.vodia.com/vodia_php_rest_api".
The sample command "

$vodiaObj->domainAction("localhost", array("type" => "trunks", "action" => "delete_selected", "selected" => "45"));

" does not delete a contact.
This command is also used to remove a trunk.
I think there is an error in the help page.
What type should be specified in the order to delete an entry from the address book?

Thank you

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If you downgrade one of your test server's to version 57.3.13 and "inspect element" for deleting that address book entry, I think that can give you a better picture of the API's as those were the times when we last used it.

We won't be able to downgrade our test servers at this point as we're running several tests with it currently unfortunately.

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