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I uninstalled the older app and tried to install this on my motorola g(8) power lite with android. Play store tells me the app is incompatible with my device?


Yet I was able to install the previous app??

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I have a customer who is using the Android app and getting constant random alerts as shown in this screen shot saying they have a new voicemail that they sent themselves. (from their own extension to their extension) and yet no voicemail is there, its just a pop-up that can alert anytime, the customer was using a Samsung S7 when it started and just upgraded today to a S20 and says the problem persists. I was able to reproduce this myself on my Samsung S10 by just installing the app, logging in and then sure enough about an hour later a random alert popped up saying i had sent myself a voicemail (i did not and there was no voicemails or calls of any type). This is new behavior since v4.0.8 update.  Is it a settings issue perhaps?  Will one of Android 10 OS notification settings disable this particular notification and still allow phone calls and actual voicemail notifications to come through? 

using PBX v66




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