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v66.0/Win64: Fax2Email - Mailbox enabled mode: FAX - does not work anymore


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running VodiaPBX v66.0/Win64 (build: August 18th 2020) does not receive fax-messages anymore when Mailbox enabled/mode is set to FAX only,
Status of calls keep in state "Ringing" / looks like not answering anymore.

workaround is to set "Mailbox enabled" to Enabled, but then even voice calls/messages are allowed to our fax-only extensions 😞
please fix and release an updated v66.0 - many thanks in advance.

btw: in v65.0(.11) this was working as expected - so it looks like a bug

VodiaPBX v66.0 - Mailbox enabled - FAX - does not work anymore.png

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Thanks for your reply/suggestion: I already tried that setting.
It was the first setting I played around with, after we noticed that fax-receiving does not work.
Default, After 1 CED tone, After 2 CED tone does not work with Mailbox enabled with FAX only - I did not try After 3 CED tone,
btw: switching/changing the Switch to T.38 is not being saved at all, it shows the checkmark if I click save button, but after refreshing that page it is still on "Default".

so I canged/tried "global setting":
I changed the Switch to T.38 at Administrator level / General/System - there the "save" works, but for Mailbox in FAX only mode it does not make any difference.

Only after Mailbox enabled to "Enabled" the Extension will receive fax-messages/transmissions.
But then callers can also leave voice-messages, that is unwanted at our "fax only" Extensions.

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What do you mean setting ring duration? Where do I have to set this for such a FAX extension?
do you mean: Time until mailbox picks up is set to 1 second - I set it to 5 seconds, still no go if Mailbox enabled FAX
This is normally set to 1 second for our FAX only extensions, as you see at screenshot in my first message.

at "Administrator level / General/System" I can find one option/setting ring duration (s) which is set to 120,
I gave it a try with set to 30 seconds (lower values are not selectable at WebGUI) - but this did not make any difference for Mailbox set to just FAX mode. :-(

Looks like Mailbox with setting FAX an incoming callis never answered by the PBX at all:
If I call an extension with Mailbox configured FAX only (internal or even extrenal calls) there is not any ringing-tone, just like being "quiet" and then after some time busy/hangup for external calls - internal calls looks like keeping in kind of undefinite state, at least not any busy at end of any timeout.

Just switching the Mailbox Enabled to Enabled and internal and external calls to this DID/extension are being answered, depending on the setting Time until mailbox picks up.
It looks like our issue has to do with the setting FAX for the Mailbox-mode :-(

Should I wait until your fix will be released and then try again and report if it solves our issues?
Or do you need any additional logfiles or settings?

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I realized this exact same issue as thomas.lange, i discovered that if i have anything registered on the extension then you can't set it to FAX mailbox type anymore as it doesn't work (sometimes we throw an ATA on the fax extension so we can send faxes) but we want Vodia to receive them so what we used to do was set extension to DND and mailbox FAX and this did the trick - but not anymore.  Workaround for me was setting it to Mailbox mode, answer after 1 ring and then for the voicemail greeting i have a 20 second blank wave file that I upload to the greeting, once Vodia hears the fax tones of the sender, it receives the PDF and emails it as it should.   Also another bug is that through user web portal or admin portal in Chrome browser you can no longer open the faxes that way, through the user portal they show up as 0 size audio files now, so if your storing faxes on the PBX, only the email function works to get it off the PBX. 

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