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Voicemail transcription not working


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2 hours ago, Support said:

Under /reg_security.htm , for the "TLS max version" setting, can you try to set it to the highest version available and try this again on 66.0.7?

Nope no success. We are on Version 66.0.7 and the "TLS max version" was already set to "highest availaible version". I also tried to set it manually to "TLS 1.2" and back again to "highest availaible version". No change, same Error "Certificate for speech.googleapis.com could not be verified".


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Ok after some digging it seems that the problem is that the GlobalSign certificate which expires at the end of the year is not part of the standard certificate distribution any more. But it seems of you manually import it into the PBX, it will work:


Obviously, it is only a question of time until Google changes it. Hopefully they don't forget 😅.

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Ok, we are making progress 😉 After importing the certificate (settings > security > cretificates > trusted root ca for server auth) in version 66.0.7, build 25.1.2021 the error "unknown dsa hash" error is gone.


The voicemail transcription still does not work. No transcriptions are attached to voicemail notification mails. A attempt to access the google API is made by Vodia, we can see this in the google console api page. IPs are whitelisted, API key is valid as we can connect from the Vodia server via curl to the API with exact same credentials. 

This is from the google console:


Anfragen = requests; Fehler = error


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We actually made a new version that should handle the certificate situation better. You might have to delete all Root CA and reset them. 

Enabling the API is not very straightforward, we also needed to tinker with the Google console to get it working. The response in the PBX log for web client usually provides some useful tips from Google what needs to be done.

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Info: scroll down to Update 3 - there is the solution, but it needs a change on Vodia side.

We turned log for web client to log level 9:

  "error": {
    "code": 400,
    "message": "Invalid recognition 'config': The phone_call model is currently not supported for language : de-DE.",
    "status": "INVALID_ARGUMENT"

Update: I changed the system language settings to English, and what shall I say. Its working. But of cause it tires to use English pattern which results in a mess for German language 😉 If I recode the voicemail in English language it gets transcribed perfectly. Not a solution of course.

German language is supported by the api:


The api calls look not too bad from Vodia, still with the en-US its working, with de-DE it is not:


Update 2:


Looks like the  api setting "model:phone_call" is not supported by all languages. I read in an old post on google mailing list, that German language and probably Italian is only supported with the "model: default". That was 2 years ago, but maybe the restrictions still apply.

So maybe you can find out for which languages the restrictions by the google API apply and then just change the AI-algorithm within the API to "model:default". That should solve the problem.

Update 3:

Here you go: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/ai-machine-learning/new-features-models-and-languages-for-speech-to-text

as of March 2020:
- US
- UK
- Russian
- Spanish (US)

Every other language needs the "model: default" profile. Looking forward to the next Vodia release 😉 

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Yupp, it is working now. 👍


With German as "default web interface language" and Version 66.0.7 Build 31.01.2021, 20:30:30 it is working as expected. Now for German language settings the "model" in the API is set to "default", wich is correct as "phone_call" is not supported by google API yet.
I also double checked with English, there it is still "phone_call" as expected, as this is supported for English language.

THANK YOU - for your always astonishing fast replies and super fast bug fix releases. 😀 Highly appreciated.

By the way: deleting the Root CAs through Web Interface and Resetting does not address the certificate issue; I still needed to import the certificate manually. I would try with a fresh installation, but I do not want to loose activations on the licence 😉

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