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Vodia Phone Android app, sound getting low when receiving incoming call


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One of our customer complains about the following issue:
When he is in conversation using the Vodia Phone App on his Huawei mate 10 pro and a second call arrives on his regular GSM line : the sound of the  ongoing call through the Vodia App gets suddenly very low making it impossible to continue the conversation.
Even if the incoming call gets rejected, the sound doesn't come back to a normal volume. 
Are you aware of such an issue ?
Is there a way to change an option on the PBX or on the phone to solve the problem, or at least to make the incoming calls on the regular GSM line transferred to the regular line voicemail when there is already an ongoing call on the Vodia app ?
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On some phones like the one you mentioned, they sometimes select a different volume (like call volume, media volume etc.) for a call and seems like a bug because it changes from time to time. When he is in a call, can he press the volume up/down button but then choose the drop down to see all volumes and then increase the other volumes that could be lower than the call volume, most probably the media volume.

I hope that helps...


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Thank you for the answer. After the sound has been lowered, there is no possibility to get the volume back to its original level. the only way is to hang up and renew the call. Using the up/down volume buttons, as well as the volume bar of each category does not help either.

I suspect it could be a problem linked to this telephone handling GSM calls over applications running.


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