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correct Action URL to send Telegram BOT message on new call


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Hello, I'm trying to receive Telegram message on my bot when a new call comes into the system

I'm using HTTPS POST JSON according to telegram 


So in Vodia -> Advanced ->Action URL I put:

** When a new call comes in **

Authentication metod: None

Method: POST

URL: https://api.telegram.org/bot<mytoken>/sendMessage

Encoding for the message body: JSON

Message Body: {"chat_id": "mychatid", "text": "This is a test from curl", "disable_notification": true}


But it doesn't work, some help? Thanks.




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Handshake Failure...

[9] 19:57:25.204 Initialize TLS connectionⓘ
[9] 19:57:25.204 Last message repeated 2 timesⓘ
[9] 19:57:25.204 HTTP Send Client Hello(03035F97..00020017)ⓘ
[5] 19:57:25.209 HTTP Alert Fatal (2): Handshake failure (40)ⓘ
[7] 19:57:25.209 https:api.telegram.org:443: TCP disconnectⓘ
[7] 19:57:25.209 https:api.telegram.org:443: Return code 500ⓘ


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Is there a way to change the chipers Vodia offers?  I'm trying with pipedream, things are going better...

[9] 20:08:47.488 Initialize TLS connectionⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.489 Last message repeated 2 timesⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.489 HTTP Send Client Hello(03035F97..00020017)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.574 HTTP Receive Server Hello(03035153..03000102)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.575 HTTP Receive Certificate(0012D700..5DF4038C)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.575 HTTP Received chain with 4 certificatesⓘ
[8] 20:08:47.585 HTTP Certificate name *.m.pipedream.net matchesⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.585 HTTP Receive Server Key Exchange(03001741..C2BBB7BC)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Pre Master Secret(8CCC9BC7..CD3D4A66)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Client Random(5F971EBF..272B7BAE)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Server Random(5153BF0F..90BE3932)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Master Secret(0FA8E970..01FF2C34)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Receive Server Hello Done()ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Send Client Key Exchange(41047A93..D64234EE)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Send Change Cipher Spec(01)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Perform Change Cipher Spec(c027)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Key Block(69BE62E3..0B3CD2EE)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Client Write MAC Secret(69BE62E3..CCC9915B)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Server Write MAC Secret(80E3C9AB..C0BE85EE)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Client Write Key(D028C2B0..CA784F3C)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.610 HTTP Server Write Key(25CE52D0..22FD34C6)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.611 HTTP Send Finished(9427E587..309049E1)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.696 HTTP Receive Change Cipher Spec(01)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.696 HTTP Receive Process Finished(31BFE9E2..F3C2587E)ⓘ
[9] 20:08:47.833 Received 435 bytesⓘ
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 19:08:47 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Content-Length: 179
Connection: keep-alive
X-Powered-By: Express
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
x-pd-status: sent to coordinator
ETag: W/"b3-174a20b59d8"


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