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Auto Attendent / Cell phones

James Skinner

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I have the AA setup. When I call from a cell phone, the PBX does not recognize the number/tone. If I call from a landline it works fine. Anyone knows how to correct this? I am using a Tenor Anaglog Gateway.

Does that mean AA does not answer when you call from cellphone? or it does not identify the cell number? BTW, can you please post the SIP INVITE for both cases?

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Well, that is the codec for sending the media (which is fine, don't change it). What is the codec for sending RFC4733? Most of the time it is something like 101/telephone-event.



I dont see in the ethereal trace. All i ahve are UDP, SIP, RTP, and TCP packets.


Where should I look for the 101/telephone event.



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