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Provisioning settings for Audiocodes MP-202


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Hello everyone. I have a customer with some existing Audiocodes MP-202 Fax ATAs which they would like to use on the Vodia PBX which I recently setup for them. I factory reset them and put in what I feel is all of the correct information to get them to register with the Vodia PBX, but they don't seem to be working. Looking at the log file, it doesn't appear that they are even attempting to register with the PBX. I found a past topic on this here:

I followed the steps laid out by the user in this topic, but still no luck. Has anybody used any of these recently, and if so, would you happen to have a guide to get these to register with the Vodia PBX? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I am running the hosted Vodia Multi-Tenant PBX version 66.0.4


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AudioCodes should be working well. What I would check is:

  • Maybe the AudioCodes IP address got blacklisted during the setup?
  • Does the AC send the right domain name in the request-URI (e.g. REGISTER sip:123@the-domain)?
  • I would add the IP address of the AC to the log settings (at the very bottom) so that you can see every packet coming from the device.
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