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More Bugs in Version 3.5.4

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Hello Vodia Team,

can you provide a link to the app in a version < 3.5.3?
The versions 3.5.3 and 3.5.4 are just not really usable for us.

In the version 3.5.4 are now the following new bugs immediately noticed:
* The user "null" is now always displayed in the upper right corner.
* The login process hangs most of the time. Here you have to restart the Ap several times and/or delete the configuration.
* The app window still shows version 3.5.3.

I get emails here all the time with messages like: "Login doesn't work anymore", "My user is wrong", "I can't turn off DND", "The app wants my login data every time I start it".

This is crap when basic functions of the app suddenly stop working.

But the browser interface works as normal.

Thanks a lot for your help





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The  login problem is still there.

The bug occurs after restarting the app.
After a (session!?) timeout the login is possible again.


Do you have a public bug tracker?
I have discovered more bugs that I would like to report.

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