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Yes we had discussed that internally. It is a little bit counter intuitive to other applications running on the PC (close means end the application), but for VoIP the user expectation is that the application just goes out of sight. If the user really wants to end the application they will have to dig in some menu to make that happen.

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Is it possible to have the application set at install to run as a service or something similar?

A lot of my conversions from 3CX are rightfully saying that was a descent feature, that they install the app and it auto runs, and it is pretty much always logged in unless they tell it to logout.  With a PBX, you want this sort of functionality with your softphone.

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This is something that I had also requested in a different thread. All the recent updates to the app have been great so thank you for those as they have have addressed most of our concerns around the app.

We are just concerned about now deploying this to our customers and they close the app without realising it and as a result missing incoming calls which could result in loss of revenue.

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