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Button settings don't appear in v77.0.1


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I've logged into the user portal, clicked the users extension menu and select 'Buttons' but nothing happens?

Tested on 66.0.6 and a pages loads where you can choose what buttons you want.

Is v77.0.1 a beta version?

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1 hour ago, Lyndon said:

but nothing happens?

What do you mean? We see this. Are you mentioning that you don't see this or nothing happens after this on the desktop phone?


67.0.1 is the current stable version that we're running.


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Just tested and you're right.

Log in as Admin, open an extension then click "Click here to switch into user-mode", then click buttons from the drop down user menu, and a screen similar to the one above appears, however login as the user and the button option doesn't work.

It only seems to allow you to select a button template though, rather than allow the users to set buttons individually/independantly - is that by design?

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