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I am trying to setup SIP Option Ping on our PRTG Monitoring server using an extension that we have setup just for this purpose. We are constantly receiving a timeout request even though the corrent SIP credentials have been supplied. After Googling the issue I managed to identify an article which states

"prtg should probably make it obvious to the user that the sensor doesn't support pjsip.

observations: credentials are a sip extension and secret (not a root account on the pbx) the extension used to configure the sensor must be set to CHAN_SIP (not CHAN_PJSIP, which is the default on many systems) on my freepbx server, CHAN_SIP is on port 5061, so i configured the sensor accordingly"

Can anyone provide any insight into this or any possible suggestions?

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PING is the #1 tool for robots to find SIP servers in the Internet. That is why the PBX by default ignores PING if it comes from an unassociated address. What you can do:

  • Set up a dummy SIP trunk that has the outbound proxy set to the address of the monitor
  • Use SNMP instead of SIP. Then PRTG can also report additional information like how many calls are active.
  • Use HTTP instead of SIP. Then you can just pull e.g. robots.txt or you could also pull a REST API statistics that shows e.g. how many registrations are on the server.
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