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Web Portal - Calls in domain


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What's your PBX version? 

There are 2 .css files that can be used to stylistically change user interface depending for users those changes are intended:

  1. For regular users only: css/agent-portal.css
  2. For all users including ACD managers and Admins: css/user_portal_custom.css

There's also a matter if you are running a multi-domain system, to affect all the domain those modifications can be carried on the admin level, or for each domain independently within each domain settings. 

And of course those changes will be applied to both webrtc and Windows app users. 

Add those lines to either .css files mentioned above and you should be all set, and don't forget there could potentially be caching issue:

display: none;

/*My calls window*/
height: 100% !important;



image (3).png

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