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Yealink BLF Options


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I've been testing the BLF options on the Yealink T43/46 on V 67. and i'm wondering if you could provide some insight into the BLF functionality.

From what i remember in the previous versions there used to exist different BLF options (monitor, pickup, call) but now everything is under one button type.

Here is a scenario issue, a user goes on DND, and you are monitoring them on a BLF, their button seems to start flashing. When they go on a call, their button starts flashing, the go-to BLF scenario function is flash the button in any situation. That seems a little bit regressive in terms of functionality because most standard setups will show the BLF states in different mode. For instance DND in most setups just have the user as on/ no flash, and flashing reserved for functions when you might be able to pick up a call.

I wasn't able to find any documentation referencing these functionalities but i saw this blog post, https://blog.vodia.com/node/11. It mentions using :np with the "permission" setting though not sure where it would come up on a BLF. Is there an expanded list of commands you can attach to an extension BLF button? 


Thank you

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The many options on what to show in the BLF in the previous version overwhelmed users. Generally speaking, a blinking BLF means that you can pick up the call. DND may be an exception, there is a generally accepted "hack" interpreting the dialog XML that if the ID is "dnd" the phone is free to render something that indicates DND. However IMHO it should jus show a solid red light. 

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I think that's the current problem because the latest version i'm testing on does not render the BLF of an extension solid red light, it simply blinks. Like you said when the light is blinking it indicates a status where other users may pick-up the call, but you can't pick up a user that's on DND. I decided to test on an older version of the PBX and it does not seem this behaviour is replicated there.

I must say that it would be easier for an administrator to manage the function of the BLF server side than to try and re-train clients on new BLF functionalities.

To further test this i checked different Yealink models in case it was a one-off to the T43/46 and the T48+ models make it much more annoying because the buttons are displayed on one screen. If users go on DND it becomes very distracting as you can't hide away the buttons on a different page like the 42/43/46 model.

Is the "hack" you mentioned, is that something available to the administrators. Might be helpful for those that stumble upon a similar situation.

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Just to update. Decided to take a look at the wireshark data being sent for the DND status and the pbxsends the following:


old version 57
<dialog-info xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:dialog-info" version="2" state="full" entity="sip:100@test.domain.com"><dialog id="dummy"><state>confirmed</state></dialog></dialog-info>

new version 67
<dialog-info xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:dialog-info" version="80" state="full" entity="sip:100@test.domain.com"><dialog id="dnd"><state>confirmed</state><remote><identity display="Do Not Disturb"></identity></remote></dialog></dialog-info>


So looks like the Yealinks may be interpreting the DND with a flashing light whereas the old status was "dummy" so it was solid red

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Hi there, final update.


Someone on my team helped me out and investigated the release notes for the Yealink phones and looks like starting from 84.0.90 they started supporting extra BLF functionalities for some of the phones. The BLF functions can be customized via the .cfg

Spent some time on their forums looking for answers but the secrets were in the release notes instead 😄

Hope this helps anyone looking for this type of information

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