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Any documentation on how to set up Yealink RPS?


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I got my Yealink account so that I can set up RPS on my Vodia Server but I can't find any documentation on how to get it setup. Based on the the server just input the api username/password and that would be it but it doesn't seem to be that easy.


I've tried doing manual provisioning via website.com/prov on the phone and still can't get it to register. And the log file just says RPS failed. No other details.

Is there information that can be supplied for both the vodia side of changes and what has to be done on the Yealink RPS side?

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There is not much to do — just copy the API key ID and Secret and put it into the PBX. You can leave the MAC prefix list empty, it contains by default the list of Yealink MAC addresses. Also leave the API path empty, the default should be fine. Then try adding a Yealink MAC address and check in the Yealink RPS if that MAC was added.

We are working on making this service also work better for LAN provisioning, but currently the focus is on cloud provisioning where the domain name is the DNS address for the phone.

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Ya I ended up reaching out to Support at Yealink and apparently my account was set up wrong and the RPS section wasn't enabled. I was getting the API key from the YCMS section not RPS. Once I got that sorted out it worked right away.



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