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Unable to make outbound call using Trunk


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Hi Vodia,

I have a problem where every outbound call i made will end as soon as i try to make a call from vodia extension . Log file shows error of " No rate found for destination sip: 0122104528@a1.invite.my, user=phone on trunk INVITE" where 0122104528 is my mobile phone number and INVITE is the SIP Trunk i used. I am suspecting billing rate since the rate term is used in this error but there is no billing set up for this domain.The error seems like it says that SIP Trunk im using got a problem so I try to use different trunk but the logfile still shows the same error.Both trunks used is working like normal before. Is there any settings i missed? Attached herewith the logfile, SIP trunk list and Dial Plan i used. Kindly assist. Thanks


Logfile 1.JPG

SIP Trunk 1.JPG

DialPlan 2.JPG

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