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G722 to G711


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How many of these calls would you date put on 1 box?


We are thinking of offering HD audio to our fiber customers. Not sure how intense the trans coding will be.


G.722 is pretty easy. Transcoding is not an issue of CPU performance.


G.722 is not G.722.1. G.722.1 is a Polycom codec; that codec has a similar complexity like G.729A.


The bigger problem is that transcoding reduces audio quality. Remember that both codecs represent the audio in 64 kbit/s and that formatting the audio from one representation into another reduces the information. Therefore, the PBX has a strong interest in trying to avoid the transcoding anyway - that's why the PBX tries to UPDATE or Re-INVITE after an attended transfer; the typical case for running into a G.722 transcoding situation.

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yea but if i want to sell snom G722 phones it has to convert to G711 as it hits the pstn...


so your saying this scenario is not CPU intense?


Well that's my point: G.722 and PSTN don't make sense. Then better use G.711, because PSTN is G.711.


Don't worry about CPU. I would say G.722 is at least ten times faster than G.729A.

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On the local fiber network here we have 10mb links to most customers. So your saying G722 for interoffice communication and (obviously) G711 to the pstn is not a sales advantage? I would assume G722 to G722 is awesome. I havnt tested snom phone yet for the sound quality, probably should get a couple of those handsets.


For a sales guy i love the idea of selling HD audio hosted. but if the quality to the pstn is lousy it doesnt sound worth it.

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