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Vodia Windows App Versioning


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Can we have Vodia release version numbers under the help menu for the Windows App. So users can easily report back to me which version they are on. The version number at the bottom left hand side is PBX Web GUI version number, maybe we should rename that to PBX Version.

A lot fo Apps that have very different versioning for frontend and backend, they end up putting versioning like this vX.X.X / vY.Y.Y  the X for the frontend and the Y for the backend (PBX Web GUI)

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The version numbering not ideal right now, frankly if we would make a number for every 68.0.1 change we would be at 68.0.100 already. Anyhow we'll make a 68.0.2 soon as the "dust has settled" version for 68.0. 

As for the PC app, the new app loads most of the code from the PBX anyway, so that the version is almost irrelevant and software updates happen only on the PBX side. Again, the upgrade has a few bumps on that road but we should sail in smooth water when it is all done.

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