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personal contacts not visible on the android app


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Our current understanding is that if you want to use the iPhone address book, well then you should use the iPhone address book app. There you can decide on how you want to call a contact — it is a little tricky b because you have to press and hold the call button, which will open a dialog where you can select "phone system" for making the call. You can even define for each contact what your preference is for calling that contact. 

This works similar in the iPhone call history where you can for example call back a number with the same app as it came it. This works well for the native phone, but also for any other app that uses CallKit.

The bigger picture is that as a company you would prefer that employees don't store business contacts in their private address book. I know this is debatable and we might add that possibility in the future, but would probably leave it to the PBX admin to allow that or not. 

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We ended up abandoning the  Vodia Mobile apps completely as the clients complaints were too much. The phone contact is one big customer experience that Vodia missed in their beautiful app  ( I see this like a similar resistance by Nokia to adopt smartphone, adopt dual sim cards by the end users demands  and we know the rest of the stories )  , the  app should be driven and developed by customer experience request and NOT what Vodia think that people shouldn't be storing business contacts on their personal phones.

we are now recommending Zoiper/Linphone to clients.    

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