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DNS CACHE SRV _sip._UDP.gw.sip.us missing?


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I think i wrote this UDP in caps to denote the difference easier, im sorry for the confusion this upperCase brought.

But does this, represents performance behavior, or is it, just a display on page cosmetic issue?


Thank You


2 hours ago, Musarano said:

Hello !

I just curious if that missing line that started to be among  the list earlier, and is not longer showing up anymore, is normal.


Thank You

Version 66.0.6


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Morning, After upgraded to latest version, (i didnt got the initial screen sorry, it where a lot of information not longer showing it now)  the end results are the same, not _sip._udp..... show up not more, among more of the information... Not quite sure, if this is normal or could be impacting somehow the outcome or performance.

Thank You hope this helps..

PS: I can give you an initial screen after a reboot, but will need to be around midnight where i can do that....



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You have to keep in mind that records that have expired are not shown in the list any more. Maybe the _sip._udp record had already expired? That would be totally fine.

You can turn the logging for DNS on, maybe that contains another clue. For example, maybe you are talking to the wrong DNS server.

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