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Dial plans- outbound calls with agent groups


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I'm using v67.0.5 with 2 dial plans. The end user has 2 offices with different cost centers so they need to be billed as separate entities, hence the 2 dial plans.

I have noticed an issue with the billing. Calls for both offices have gone out on the same trunk. CLI is fine, it seems to follow the outbound CLI of the extension.

I have tracked it down to the agent group. It looks to me that if the extension is in an agent group the system is sending the call out via the first (default) dial plan trunk. It also seems to send the agent groups name as well.

How can we get the extension to only use the dial plan it has been assigned?


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Thanks for the heads up. I had missed the inclusion of dial plan from the agent group. That sorted things for that customer.

I also noted the extension general tab "Use queue dial plan" didn't change anything for me.

So in light of a prioritization process for the dial plan, can you tell me how the system will sort the dial plan if example a reception phone is logged into 3 other sites with ACD groups that all have there own dial plan. What is going to be the priority then?

This can mean that the outbound CLI could be incorrect as well as trunk selection and billing.

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PBX 68.0.2

Is there an update on this - as long as I am talking about the same thing?  I have 2 queues setup and extensions are members of both queues.  How can I dictate what CLI each 'agent' will display?  

I have outbound number set for each queue, each extension has an ANI set, each agent has use dial plan etc. when logged in.  


Queue 1 - agents 100,101,102,103 - display ANI 12345

Queue 2 - agents 200,201,202,203 display ANI 54321

Queue 1 members will also be agents in Queue 2 and vice versa, but I want the specific agents to have a priority outbound CLI.  Agents seem to use the dial plan of the last queue they logged into.

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OK tested on V68.0.4 and same result. Outbound routing is priorised based on the agent login still.

The feature in the extension tab to "Use queue dial plan and ANI when logged in as an agent" does not change anything for me.

As the extension logs into a new agent group it takes the identity of the group for outbound calls.

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Options at this stage seem to be, within the queue you want agents to call as, select the agents and log them out and back in. The last queue you do that in is the one they call out as.  Option 2:  under Settings - General settings deselect  Assign outbound calls to queue this then uses the extension dial plan but will also then not include the outbound calls in the queue statistics.

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