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snom presense


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Are there any plans to integrate the snom presence status with pbxnsip?


and What file do i edit for control the PnP softkeys?


Presence is a topic that sounds nice on the datasheet, but I never saw real people in real life using something else than MSN, Yahoo or Skype. Believe it or not, but the PBX has a presence agent. Nobody knows about it or even uses it.


The problem is that publishing presence from a phone is just too inconvient. Once you have a PC, it is just so much easier and colorful to use MSN & Co.


Just my two cents!

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This is how presence should work IMHO.


you set the end user phone to AWAY


when you call that user the snom phone should receive a TXT message saying the user is away.


I have seen another PBX that uses away settings with XML so you can actually specify an away time, so the user would then receive a TXT message saying user is away until 12:00pm.


Also I have seen other phone systems that let you specify multiple routes based on presence.


so in the web panel you can say if my presence is away then ring my cell phone instead of my office.

or if my presense is on vacation ring the receptionist. or if my presence is in a meeting do directly to my VM or at lunch rings my cell...


Presence in the MSN scenario is lame, this could be a powerful feature.

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