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Ring all for call queue


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5 hours ago, Vodia PBX said:

There is no *, but you can list the extensions one by one. If there are many extensions, you might not want to call them all at once...

This doesn't 'ring all' though?  The only ring options are Random, Longest Idle or use Agent setting ... where is that set - the documentation at the moment shows an error it doesn't exist or I don't have permission?  A simultaneous ring may be handy.  For example, I am the primary call taker. However, if I am doing something else it would be handy for another team member to take the call without waiting for a time out.  But being the primary call taker I always want to to be able to take the first call and not wait to be longest idle or be randomly selected....  I could simply use a ring group, but I would like to use the queue metrics.

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Thanks. Where does the algorithm for selecting the next agent come in? After the initial stage of 'all ring', or is that if I set 3 per stage that a random group of 3 will ring?



I can see it is currently at 'Default' .. there seem to be a few 'default' options throughout the PBX, but no where to actually set a default value?  

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