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Media Error within the Windows App and Web App end user interface


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We've recently deployed a 120 seat customer who's using a mix of Soft Phones (100) and Desk Phones (20). We chose to use the the In-Bult Vodia Phone and Client interface as a crucial requirement was for the staff to see the ACD statuses and other staff status.

Since day one a mix of users have been getting an error in either the Desktop App or Web App - The customer is certain it is when multiple Agents try answer the same call at the same time, We have tested this theory and been unable to replicate across 200 test calls (Yes it was painful)


We thought it may be browser related so tested with Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox yet the error was still shown. After speaking with Vodia Support they believed the error had to do with the headset becoming disconnected and reconnecting while the call answer action is being performed. The customer is using brand new Jabra Evolve & Engage 65's which are Bluetooth or USB/DECT base stations.

We tested a hard wired headset with the same outcome.

By posting here I hoped others had seen the error message before and had a resloution?

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21 hours ago, Cameron_TechPath said:

We tested a hard wired headset with the same outcome.


Can you make an outbound call using the wired headsets? Can you check if the web app / user portal has enough permission give to the wired headset?

Do you face the same problem on a different laptop logging into the same user portal?

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