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Understanding the SMS settings

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Once I set up a provider, global option not per tenant?  I then configure numbers with them.

I then set an inbound DID to whatever tenant I wish. 

I set extensions with the SMS ANI for outbound. 

Can inbound be to a ring group so multiple can receive SMS from the same number?  Can I have multiple extensions with the same ANI?  -- multiple in and out is just if it is possible, it may not actually be a very good idea and may just become confusing (just thinking up scenarios).

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Hello Richard, I had the same question myself and from the conversation with Hamlet yesterday it appears that the answer is NO unless something has changed in the latest 68.0.14 version.  My understanding was that each extension has to have its own ANI.


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For proper inbound routing, you need to assign the SMS number either to one extension or to one call queue. In the case of extension, the routing is always clear. For queues, things get more difficult because agents can be available for chat or not. If there was a previous chat with the external number and the agent is available for chat then an incoming message will be routed to that agent, so that there is a continuous chat possible. Otherwise the PBX will find an agent that is available for chat and assign the chat to that person. If there is nobody available the PBX will send out an email, so that a manager can be notified that a chat message was not received by any agent.

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